The Lost Boy

Hoje é o dia que nós vamos desaparecer,
Hoje é o dia que procuraremos nossa maneira adulta
Hoje é o dia que nós vamos desaparecer - Seether - Fade Away

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Bill’s 52 years old.he delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn

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Fucking bill.

One time I was driving home from the gym, and as I entered the intersection of N. 9th st and Roebling, Bill blew past his stop sign causing me to slam on the brakes and Bill to swerve into another lane.

"Watch out for bikes!" he yelled.
"You’ve got a stop sign too, man!"
"Ok, you’re right!" And he rode off with a wave.

I see Bill all the time. We haven’t nearly collided since.

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Gold Marijuana Leaf by illest ♔


Raven - Kain White

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Illustrations by Lange

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Logan Hagege, The American Southwest.

Paintings by Logan Hagege of the American Southwest that incorporate the lifestyles and history of the rugged landscape within dream-like scenes.  See more below!

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